Chins up, ladies!

6:00 PM

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There is something about pregnancy that really wreaks havoc on your mind. Yes I know there are a bajillion hormones running through a woman’s body during that time, which can lead her (or is this just me?!) to be angry, overjoyed and crying all at the same time, but it can also seriously screw with a woman’s confidence. From seeing the number on the scale continue to climb at what seems like an exponential rate, to just not fitting in clothes that would normally look great – being pregnant is tough.

I can’t possibly be the only one experiencing a little lack in confidence (pregnant or not pregnant), so I’m sharing some helpful tips that turn my frown upside down these days!

Go Baby Shopping

There is something about walking in a baby store that just cheers me right up! When Joe and I are out shopping and I get frustrated with nothing fitting or looking right on this growing baby bump, just take me to a baby store J Looking at little onesies and adorable baby shoes is seriously so much better than looking at shoes for myself. It reminds me that all this growing, changing, and crying is going to be completely worth it once the baby gets here. 

Flaunt It Anyway

I’ve noticed that the more I try to hide my bump or disguise the fact that I’m growing a child, I tend to dislike the reflection in the mirror more than when I just own it. Wearing baggier clothes ultimately makes me look bigger anyway, so I find fitted pieces to be more flattering and thus makes me feel better and more confident.

Stop Comparing

I probably should have put this as the number one tip, and it’s something we as women should stop doing immediately, regardless of your situation. Comparing your body, life, clothes, car, friends, work, family (the list goes on and on) to anyone else’s is simply a recipe for disaster and frankly ridiculous. There’s always going to be someone with better hair, a better wardrobe, who gained less weight during pregnancy, etc. It’s just silly to take away from our own individual successes and memories by relating them to other individuals. Be in the moment – your moment - and you’ll find you are a lot happier and confident with what you’ve been dealt.


Sometimes you just need to cry it out…I’m talking full on tantrum, pint of ice cream, lock yourself in the bedroom kind of cry (sorry Joe!). Frankly, there are times I’m having a complete meltdown and I’m not even sure why I’m really crying – but inevitably I always feel better after the waterworks, so just let em roll! Come what may, Ben & Jerry’s has got you covered.

Sure, in hindsight this list sounds like the easiest thing in the world to do, but when you’re feeling low, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you’re not alone or even know where to start to pick yourself up. Just remember, we all go through phases where we don’t feel our best, but this too shall pass :) Chins up ladies!