Blogger vs. Wordpress

8:18 PM

blogger vs. wordpress guide

If you’re reading this, and you saw my Instagram post last week, then you’re probably looking around the site thinking “what the hell changed?!” To which I would respond with - ya, nothing really. Sometimes I get these really lofty goals in my head and without putting too much thought into it, I just jump head first and figure things out as I go. That’s exactly how I started my blog lol!

So last week, I thought it would be a really great idea to move my blog from blogger, to a self-hosted WordPress site. I googled it and it seemed simple enough...thus I just started with no regard to consequence, time or money. What started as a to-do list of 8 simple things, that read sensibly and seemed easy enough, turned into Alice (that’s me in this scenario) wandering way too far down the rabbit hole with no cookies or drinks to help me get back out. Somebody please wake me!

After spending $200+, reaching out to the customer support teams of 3 different organizations (I’ll leave them anonymous since they were so completely useless) and spending 6 days with my website down – I gave up. And that says a lot, because if you know me, you know how stubborn I am and how much I hate to admit defeat. For whatever reason, having my blog as a self-hosted wordpress site simply would not work and no amount of people, much smarter than me, could help figure things out.

So here I am – back to blogger! And frankly afraid to touch anything on here right now for fear I’ll slip back down the rabbit hole. In the coming weeks, I’ll probably update the theme and give it a nice spring cleaning, but it probably won’t be until the memory of this 6 day headache dulls away. In the meantime, if anyone has tips on transitioning from Blogger to, or reasons why you might prefer one over the other – feel free to share them below! I imagine if I got the wild hair to transition, that someone else might as well – so maybe some of the comments can save someone a lot of trouble!

- Jessica