But Seriously...Bikinis?!?

8:51 PM

spring break summer beach towel shein bikinis

So the other day, I got quite possibly the greatest idea I've ever had. I grabbed Joe, because as someone that seeks validation from others, all good ideas need to be approved by my husband. Thankfully he confirmed that this was the perfect idea for what was a rainy, and relatively nasty Sunday afternoon.

What is this great idea? A fashion show! 

That's right...I was going to put on a fashion show for my husband.

What was I modeling? This is where the story gets really fun.

Out of the darkest corner of my closet (actually they're in a storage bin under my bed, but I'm going for dramatic effect here people), I pulled a plastic bin of all my bikinis that I've accumulated over the years. Mind you, none of these are maternity/bump friendly bikinis, but one by one, I tried them all on anyway. Down the runway (AKA: Bedroom ) I modeled ill fitting tops, bottoms too small, more side boob than one person should ever have, uni-boobs, under boob cleavage, plumbers crack and a whole host of other faux pas when it comes to sporting bikinis.  

Needless to say, Joe and I laughed until we cried!

Why would I do such a thing? Aside from the fact that I have a few screws loose anyway, there really was a method to the madness. 

As my pregnancy begins to wind down (less than 10 weeks to go), it was motivating to me to make sure I get back into good shape after I give birth...not only for my own health and well-being, but so I can make sure I am taking good care of myself to be around for my child and to promote healthy habits for her. 

Next, it was nice to face some of my own insecurities with pregnancy weight gain head on - with the one person I know will love and support me no matter what. 

Lastly, it was inspiring to see how much my body has changed to prepare for this baby. The whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth is truly, TRULY miraculous if you take the time to think about every little detail in its' entirety. So with this little experiment, not only did I spend time in bikinis that were beyond too small, but I spent time appreciating what I, and my body (with a lot of help and answered prayers from the Big Man Upstairs) has accomplished. 

It also got me really excited for summer and getting more bikinis - or bathing suits in general that will actually fit properly! So I started a shopping list of my must-haves for Spring Break, Summer, or just your everyday Sunday afternoon fashion show in your house. Either way, take a peek at all the pretties below!

xoxo, Jessica